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Providing marketing design services and sales expertise for startup, small and mid-size businesses for over 30 years

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Startup and small businesses can rarely afford full-time marketing employees, but need their expertise to succeed. For the last 30+ years, Peterson Marketing has provided the guidance and products you need, when you need it, from the inception of your company through many years of growth. Peterson Marketing provides veteran freelance consultants, designers, website programmers, social media experts, and more. And clients don't have to invest in full-time employees until they are ready. Peterson Marketing's stable of experts helps move your company to that higher level of success without the overhead.

Beth Peterson brings decades of experience in sales and marketing and understands the importance of providing high level expertise at an affordable price, especially for young companies. Beth brings together a team to help you create a solid foundation for growth and continues to work with you at an affordable cost as you grow. 

Beth's experience includes both for-profit and nonprofit businesses in sales and marketing, from boots on the ground to board room expertise. From working at the Art Institute of Chicago to traveling nationally in the tradeshow business for Fortune 500 companies, Beth's expertise covers a wide gamut of startup and small to mid-size business needs.

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